How-to-Fall-In-Love-Hallmark-Brooke-Dorsay-Eric-MabiusHallmark Channel is premiering a movie called How To Fall in Love, and it starrs Brooke D´Orsay; so it fits. How not to fall in love with Her I should ask!

Brooke D’Orsay (“Royal Pains,” “Drop Dead Diva”) and Eric Mabius (“Ugly Betty”) star in a love story about having someone to watch over you in “How to Fall In Love,” a Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere, Saturday, July 21 (9p.m. ET/PT, 7C).  Iconic actor Kathy Najimy (“Sister Act,” “King of the Hill”), who recently wrapped production on “The Guilt Trip” with Barbra Streisand, co-stars in the movie where a shared passion for classic love songs drowns out years of dissonance and sets up the perfect chord progression for a future romantic interlude.

Still suffering from the ugly-duckling syndrome that branded his youth, Harold White (Mabius) hires Annie Hayes (D’Orsay), the pretty and popular girl he knew in high school, to be his dating coach and help him shed his wallflower approach to romance.  Annie even enlists her friend Kim (Najimy), a waitress at a local diner, to be Harold’s practice date.  Annie draws Harold out of his shell and teaches him to win over a new love interest with the help of their shared passion for classic love songs.  But when sparks unexpectedly fly between “student” and “teacher,” both Harold and Annie must learn how to make up for past mistakes if they’re going to hold onto true love.

“How to Fall In Love,” is an Annuit Coeptis Entertainment II Inc. production.  Tim Johnson and Jean Abounader are executive producers.  Oliver de Caigny is producer.  Mark Griffiths directed from a script by Bart Fisher.

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