the-awesomes-cancelled-renewed-huluSo, streaming is in full force, and following the big success of Netflix originals, now Hulu is getting great products out too, and that is why one of its first bets is coming back for a second run as Hulu renewed The Awesomes for a 10-epiosode second season.

Created by Meyers and producer Mike Shoemaker (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, SNL), The Awesomes follows “America’s Greatest Superhero Team,” led (naturally) by Mr. Awesome. But when Mr. Awesome retires from crime fighting, his legacy is left to his brainy son Prock (voiced by Meyers), aka Professor Doctor Awesome, who must pick up the pieces of a broken superhero team and re-assemble a new one. Lending their voices to the cast are Saturday Night Live pals Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, and Taran Killam along with Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation), Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project) and others.

The newly reconstituted Awesomes include Muscleman (Barinholtz), a strong but dimwitted hero; Frantic (Killam), a “red-necked super speedster obsessed with celebrity;” and The Impresario (Thompson), who uses a magic purple jewel to bring his thoughts to life (mainly as versions of his domineering mother). They’re dedicated, but hardly as perfect as a former Awesome, Perfect Man (Prock’s rival and brother, voiced by Meyer’s real-life younger brother Josh).

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