I-Hate-my-teenage-daughter-pilot-preview-quotes-spoilers-jaime-presslyOk, Fox is giving us the chance to see Jaime Pressly coming to our televisions each week, starting November 30th. So that´s something to be thanking Fox for (I miss My Name is Earl so much, I might add!).
Now, what else is on the store when it comes to I Hate My Teenage Daughter, the new sitcom from Fox.
It´s a show where single moms Annie (played by Jaime Pressly) and Nikki (played by Katie Finneran) try to raise their difficult and over privileged teenage daughters. A story of two life-long friends who realize their children have turned out to be the same type of unlikable bullies that made high school insufferable.

What is I Hate My Teenage Daughter Pilot about? Plot

After Sophie (played by Kristi Lauren) and MacKenzie (played by Aisha Dee) lock a student in the school bathroom, Annie  and Nikki  must punish their daughters by not allowing them to attend the school dance. On the night of the dance, the mothers try to hold firm on their decision, despite the girls’ best efforts to derail their punishments, while the fathers make the situation worse.

As my rule for these previews articles. I will only talk about the first ten minutes, as not to spoil it for anyone. Then, after the episode airs. I´ll complete the article with the best quotes form I Hate my Teenage Daughter pilot second half.

Best Quotes and Moments from I Hate My Teenage Daughter Pilot

Annie: And then you know what she said to me? You don´t know how to dress. Who says that?
Nikki: I´ll tell you who says that: A bitch

Annie: Oh my God, they are here
Nikki: Oughh, she´s with that other one
Sophie: Hey mom

Annie: Why they are so mean to us?
Nikki: Because we are their moms. God I hate them

Annie: Oh no no, you are not wearing that to school
Sophie: You are wearing your pajama top to wrok and I´m not saying anything

Sophie: Why do we have to do this every day?
Annie: Because you forget to put clothes on every day

Annie: For your information, this is not a pajama top. Oh crap, it is!

Gary: It is unfortunate that you resort to name calling
Nikki: It is unfortunate that you are such a dumbass

Nikki: I have a job, I´m a mother. And a damn good one!
Annie: You know Mackenzie is dressed like a call girl, don´t you?

Nikki: They called me Kentucky Fried Nikki!

Gary: Hi Annie
Annie: Hey dumbass

Nikki: I don´t want to be a working mom. Those women are pathetic. No offense, Annie.
Annie: Non taken, you lazy stay at home whore
Gary: Oh sure, you laugh when she says it

Annie: I went to school every day dressed like the Sister wife

Annie: I was not a nerd, I was a social outcast. You know who else was a social outcast? Jesus. And he is very popular now

Deanna: Nikki, you coloured your hair? You never give up, do you, girl?

Annie: Twenty years? Took you long enough

Jack: You want to spoil her because you don´t want her to be a freak like you were in highschool

Matt: How can I be a bad parent? I´m never even here

And there you have the first ten minutes of the pilot.

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