I-Hate-My-Teenage-Daughter-Spoilers-Quotes-Date-Night-S01E06I Hate My Teenage Daughter, starring one of the 90´s TV Crushes who look hottest these days, Jaime Pressly, comes back on March, and after the episode called Teenage Escuela, it´s time for Teenage Date Night, March 13, 8:30PM on Fox.

In this episode, Annie steps outside of her comfort zone when she accepts a dinner date with her former Spanish instructor, Alex (guest star Mark Consuelos). Meanwhile, an envious Jack runs a background check on Alex and discovers that he is hiding a secret that Jack and Nikki decide Annie needs to know about as soon as possible.

I Hate My Teenage Daughter S01E06 Teenage Date Night Spoilers and Quotes

First of all, I have to say it, finally Jaime Pressly showing off how gorgeous she is!

Annie: He is so hot, I think he is a little out of my league (Seriously? Writers, those lines from the mouth of Jaime Pressly are so unrealistic! It´s not sci-fi)

Nikki: Sophie, your mom is going out with a guy
Sophie: Finally! I´ll write that guy a thnak you note

Nikki: Annie just got invited out by a certified hottie

Nikki: Here´s an advice. At our age, don´t play hard to get

Nikki: There you go, loved it, very Liza Minelli
Annie: I haven´t put pants on yet!

Nikki: Honey, that hair wasn´t working for you anyway, you looked like My Little Pony

Nikki: I don´t need to date, I have an imagination and a stationary bike
Annie: Which I won´t use again

Mackenzie: Annie, you look totally slutty
Sophie: She´s not kidding. You look like hooker hot

Nikki: Jack, I´m in no mood to play Wow What!

Jack: Alex is married. The word you are searching is Wow

Nikki: I can´t believe he´s married. I wouldn´t mind it, but she has morals.

Jack: Hi, we are looking for two people. A good looking blonde and a somewhere below average latin man.

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