We already saw what´s the inaugural Ball, and how can you watch the Inaugural Ball online…

Now it´s time for the big question…

Is Barack Obama´s Inaugural Ball going to beat American Idol in the ratings?

My guess is there´s gonna be a whole lotta Tivoing going on.

What do you think?

How is American Idol going to compete?

Well… there´s the auditions, that are often hilarious… and also both American Idol Alumni Taylor Hicks and Melinda Doolittle are releasing singles today!

While Melinda Doolittle, has a debut album due out on February 3rd. The CD will be titled Coming Back to You, and the first single, “It’s Your Love,” is out TODAY!

Taylor Hicks, who is reprising his role as “Teen Angel” in the touring production of Grease, has an album due out on March 10th. The CD will be called The Distance, and the first single, “What’s Right is Right,” is also due out TODAY!

Great news for American idol Fans…

And of Course, democracy fans, too (Go Obama!)