There is a new sitcom called Kevin Can Wait that premiered on CBS this week, one that brings us back to the times when Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens were headlining a comedy block. After that show Kevin James went onto becoming a leading comedian in movies, and after a few years, he is back on television, even bringing some of his old castmates from King of Queens.

Kevin Can Wait CBS Pilot Review

Kevin James stars in his new sitcom: Kevin Can Wait on CBS.

In Kevin Can Wait, James plays a newly retired police officer who has now found time to spend with his family, his wife and three kids.

Kevin is the star of the show, but it also has a solid cast surrounding him, as Erinn Hayes (Childrens Hospital) plays the wife, Taylor Spreitler (Melissa & Joey), Mary-Charles Jones (Identity Theft) and James DiGiacomo (KC Undercover) play the three kids; while Gary Valentine, Lenny Venito, Leonard Earl Howze and Christopher Brian Roach play his gang of friends.

The show starts right after Kevin´s retires from the police force, alongside his teammates and they start planning what´s ahead for them. Kevin and his wife also have an apartment next door to rent, and they are interviewing candidates. Of course, the safe bets for quiet neoghbours don´t get it, it´s the ex cop with tons of issues who gets it, setting up for funny moments to come.
Also, in the premiere, the older daughter is trying to bring home her boyfriend and introduce him to Kevin.
All in all, the show sets up for a nicely paced pilot, for a show with a solid cast in which Kevin James will play again one of his signature roles. Of course we could critique this show as bringing nothing new to the table, which so far, seems completely true, but, on the other hand, we all need a good sitcom that does not pretend to be anything else but a half an hour of good fun.
We will see how this show settles, but so far, I can see it getting good numbers, some laughs and a healthy run on CBS.

What I can say is that I really see Paintball Go Karting happening! PLease, make it happen.

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