kris-allen-american-idolAfter the break Megan Corkrey and Kris Allen. Ryan recapped what the judges thought…
Right after that, Ryan calls Jeanine Vailes and Matt Giraud to join them, and asks Paula to say who should pass…
I´m torn between Matt, Kris and Megan (ouch! Jeanine).
Ryan says it: Jeanine is out.
Ryan says: Matt, it´s not gonna be you either.
Down to Kris and Megan… Kara said: I gave him a hard time because he´s so good. In Hollywood week you were the best, and last night it was not…
Kara said: Megan you´re unique and with the good song you can be a good recording artist.
America voted, and the person going through to Top Twelve is Kris Allen.
Thank you so much, oh, my Gosh! was what Kris Allen had to say.

An encore presentation of Man on the river by Kris Allen

Are you happy that Kris Allen made it to top twelve on American Idol and he joins Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver?

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