lost-and-philosophy-island-has-its-reasons-book-reviewThis book is not new. It has some time already, but it´s a good read, and I haven´t gotten myself to read it until lately. It is a good thing to read about the show after it ended, or at least feels different. Perhaps if I read the book while the show was still on, I would´ve taken different thigns from it.

Another good thing (or at least interesting) is that the authors of each essay hadn´t seen the whole series before writing about it, since the book came out while on season four.

The idea behind the book is to discuss how certain subjects are considered and from there analyze implications of it.

The book is divided in four parts: L.O.S.T. L for Love, O for Origin, S for Survival and T for Transformation.

Each of those big topics have several essays in. My recommendation is to read the book one essay at a time. Not more than one, not less than one.

That way, the book will take you fifteen sit downs and read sessions, and you´ll have time to process each analysis.

It´s a good book for Lost fans, and a sort of scientific dissemination approach to philosophy.

I will try and read more books of the series.

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