Well, as reported earlier everywhere, the original scripts of the Season Finale of Lost were stolen, and the whole script leaked to the Internet.

Probably the writing team is rewriting some parts, but they won´t change everything, and many of the leaked spoilers of Lost will stick.

Let´s see some of the hottest Lost Spoilers for Season Finale

  • Benjamin Linus is dead, but returns as a ghost to haunt Charles Widmore.
  • Sawyer and Kate get married after Juliet leaves the Island.
  • Desmond and Penny go back to the Island on the seventies and give birth to a child named Charlie.
  • Sayid contracts leptospirosis
  • Hurley joins Horace and two hostiles to form a rock hair band named the Misfits of the rock
  • Tom Hanks gets to the Island searching for Wilson the ball
  • Izzie Stevens gets to the island to prove it´s the purgatory

If you are reading up to this point, let me remind you what day is it today… April 1st: April´s Fools Day. I had to do the joke.

I´m sorry. I´ll post some real spoilers tomorrow. Sorry again.