benjamin linus romance with rousseau on lostWell, ok, there has been a lot going on, and after last episode (Best this season so far?) Desmond centered episode, love is all around and will still be.

Next episode will feature Hurley and Libby back together, and according to a report by Michael Ausiello, Ben is on the verge of his episode, and it will feature Ben

“mixed up in a most unlikely romance.
“It comes out of nowhere,” says one insider, declining to reveal whether Cupid strikes Ben on the island or in the “sideways” world. “I don’t think anyone will see it coming.”

So, Ben in a romance on Lost

Who is this romance that Benjamin Linus will have?

My guess is that he´s having Alex as her own daughter as a result of a romantic relationship between Ben and Rousseau.

But, many people wonder… isn´t it true that they couldn´t nail the actress who plays Rousseau for this final season of Lost?

Well… finally, and after some negotiations, Mila Furlan the actress who plays Rousseau is scheduled to be back for episode Lost S06E15.

What do you think? Is Benjamin Linus having a romance with Rousseau on Lost?

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