Lost Spoiler Is Desmond Dead kill LockeAnother hectic Lost episode last night… But two big questions arise Is Desmond Hume dead? Did Desmond kill Locke?

Let´s read the whole IMDB recap of Everybody loves Hugo to find out if Desmond is dead and if Desmond killed Locke.

Previously on…: Fake Locke said he didn’t like secrets and wanted to know what Whidmore was hiding on the island. He sent Sayid to find out. Desmond had an electromagnetic test done on him and Sayid kidnapped Desmond. Alpert set out to stop Fake Locke from getting his people on the airplane and leaving the island.

‘Everybody Loves Hugo’: We watched a presentation about Hurley and his successful chicken franchise. He was being honored as “Man of the Year” after donating money to open a paleontology wing at a natural history museum. None other than Dr. Pierre Chang presented the award. Afterward, Hurley’s mom was encouraging him to get a woman in his life. She’d set him up on a date with a woman named Rosalita.

Back on the island, Hurley knelt at Libby’s grave and talked about all the crazy things that have happened. He said he wished he could talk to her about it all in person. Ilana came and told Hurley they were going to the Black Rock. He told her about the day Libby was killed. Ilana left and Hurley heard some of the smoke monster sounds before Michael appeared before him. Michael said he was there to stop Hurley “from getting everyone killed.”

Michael again said that if Hurley led everyone to the plane a lot of people would die. He said people were listening to Hurley now and he could stop it from happening. Jack walked up and asked Hurley who he was talking to. Hurley said, “No one.”

Back in L.A.: Hurley sat alone at a Mexican restaurant eating chips and waiting for his date. Libby walked up and said, “Hurley?” He said he was surprised to see “someone so pretty.” She explained she wasn’t Rosalita, she just saw Hurley from across the room. He asked her how she knew his name and she said he’d just think she was crazy, but she asked him if he believed two people could be connected, “like soulmates?” Then she realized he didn’t remember her, and Hurley asked, “Should I?” A man named Dr. Brooks came and took Libby away, saying she’d “just wandered off.” But before she left, she told Hurley she’d meant everything she said. He walked outside to see her getting loaded into a van marked Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute.

Back on the island: Hurley tried to talk Ilana and Richard out of blowing up the plane. Ilana carried a bag full of explosives that she was going to use to do the job. While they went back and forth in the discussion, Ilana put water bottles into her bag. A few moments later, in the heat of the argument, she put down her bag and it exploded, leaving absolutely no trace of Ilana.

Kate and Sawyer were getting impatient with Fake Locke, who said they were “waiting.” He explained to them that they had to leave the island together, with Hurley, Sun and Jack, just the way they returned to the island. Sayid walked up and asked to talk to Fake Locke in private. He took Fake Locke to Desmond.

Hurley was rummaging through some things and found a small bag. He looked inside, then quickly closed it and looked around. Meanwhile, Richard was looking for more dynamite to blow up the plane. Jack tried to talk Richard out of the plan to blow up the plane, and Hurley now said he agreed with Richard. He asked Jack to trust him. Jack agreed.

Back in L.A.: A depressed Hurley was enjoying a family-sized bucket of his fried chicken at Mr. Cluck’s when Desmond walked in and introduced himself. Hurley told Desmond about the new woman he met, but she was crazy, she “actually lives in the looney bin.” He told her about how she said she already knew him, and Desmond asked if he believed her. “Yeah, kind of,” Hurley said. Desmond encouraged him to go with his gut.

Order Number 42 was called and Desmond said, “That’s me, brother.” He got up and went to get his food.

Back on the island: Desmond told Fake Locke that he didn’t need to be tied up because “I have nowhere to run to, brother.” Fake Locke wanted to know why Whidmore brought Desmond back to the island. Desmond said he was kidnapped so he’d have to ask Whidmore. He told Fake Locke about the room with the electromagnetism. Fake Locke asked Desmond if he knew who he was, and Desmond said, “Of course. You’re John Locke.” Fake Locke told Sayid that he and Desmond had to take a walk.

Alpert led his group through the jungle, and Ben talked about how Ilana was blown up just after telling the candidates who they were. “The island was done with her,” he told Jack. “Makes me wonder what’s going to happen when it’s done with us.”

They got to the Black Rock so Richard could get more dynamite, but no one knew where Hurley was. Just then, he shouted and ran toward them from the abandoned ship, and it exploded behind him. Richard was upset and asked why he’d done that. Hurley said, “I’m protecting us.”

Hurley told Miles he blew up the dynamite because Michael told him to. Hurley said Michael is one of the dead people who show up and yell at him. He said it happens now and then, but he said dead people are more reliable than dead people.

Back in L.A.: Hurley went to the institution and asked Dr. Brooks if he could see Libby. Dr. Brooks didn’t think it was a good idea because of Libby’s condition. Hurley offered a $100,000 donation to the institution in exchange for a visit. Hurley sat in the institute where we’ve seen him before, and talked with Libby. He asked where she thought she knew him from. She said she saw one of his TV commercials and when she saw him a bunch of memories came at her but they seemed to be from another life. “There was a plane crash,” she said, “and I was on an island.” She said when she got to the institution, she’d felt like she’d been there, before. She thought he’d been there, too. She had to know if he remembered her. He said he was sorry, but he couldn’t. “It’s OK,” she said. “I’m crazy.” He asked her out on a date, if she could get out. She said she was there voluntarily and would love a date.

Back on the island: Fake Locke was fascinated at the fact that Desmond was back on the island and told Des, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say this island has it in for you.” Desmond asked Fake Locke if he did, in fact, know better. “There’s nothing special about me, brother,” Des said. “This island has it in for all of us.” Fake Locke agreed. Then he saw a young boy behind Desmond and looked agitated. Fake Locke told Desmond to ignore the kid, who ran away with a hint of a smile.

Richard wanted to lead his people back to the Dharma barracks to get more explosives. Hurley said they should go talk to Locke. He said Jacob was there and told him that’s what they should do. Richard told Hurley to prove Jacob was there by asking him what the island is. Hurley told Richard he didn’t have to prove anything to him. “You can either come with me, or you can keep trying to blow stuff up. Your call, dude,” Hurley said. Richard thought he was lying. He vowed to destroy the plane and asked for all the help he could get. Ben stood and joined Richard, followed by Miles. Jack stuck with Hurley. Sun and Frank stayed with Hurley, too.

Hurley’s group walked through the night and Sun was worried they made a mistake. Hurley was getting nervous and admitted to Jack that he hadn’t really heard from Jacob. Jack said he knew that, but went along with Hurley because he was trying to fix the fact that he got Juliet killed and maybe a part of fixing that was to let go of his control. They heard some ominous sounds in the jungle, but Hurley said he thought he knew what they were. He looked for Michael and found him.

Hurley asked Michael if he was stuck on the island, and Michael said he was, just like all the other ones who “can’t move on.” Those were the whispers. Hurley asked Michael where Locke was, and Michael pointed toward the beach. Hurley was leaving and Michael told him that if he ever did see Libby again, “tell her I’m very sorry.”

Back in L.A.: Hurley laid out a picnic on the beach with Libby. She said that sitting at the beach with Hurley felt familiar — “like a date we never had.” Hurley asked Libby why she wanted to be with him and she said it was because she likes him. “Yeah, but, you like me because you’re delusional,” Hurley said. Then they kissed and Hurley saw flashes of them together on the island. He froze. “I think I’m remembering stuff,” he told her. She wondered if maybe she wasn’t crazy. “No, I don’t think you are,” Hurley said. Desmond watched the scene play out from afar, and smiled as he drove away.

Back on the island: Fake Locke and Desmond arrived at what Fake Locke wanted to show Des. It was a well. Fake Locke tossed a torch down the well to give Desmond an idea of how deep it was. Then he started telling Desmond about how the well was so old it was dug by hand, but the people who built it weren’t looking for water. “They were looking for answers,” Fake Locke said. He said the spot where the well was built used to make compasses spin, so the people dug to find out why.

He told Desmond they didn’t find what they were looking for, but he wanted Desmond to see the well because Whidmore, he said, wasn’t interested in answers but power. He told Desmond that was why Whidmore brought him back.

Desmond looked extremely calm and Fake Locke asked why he wasn’t afraid. “You’re out here in the middle of the jungle with me, and not a person on Earth knows you’re here,” Fake Locke said. “Why aren’t you afraid?”

“What is the point in being afraid?” Desmond asked.

Fake Locke pushed him down the well.

Fake Locke returned to their camp and Sayid asked how their “friend” was, and Fake Locke said they wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore.

Hurley arrived at Fake Locke’s camp. “I don’t know who you are, dude. Or what you want. But we have to talk to you,” Hurley told him. He asked for a promised that no one would try to hurt anyone else. Fake Locke agreed. Hurley called everyone out, and Frank, Sun and Jack emerged.

After some dramatic music played, Fake Locke said, “Hello, Jack.” He smiled, but didn’t seem particularly happy to see him. Jack looked nervous.

Back in L.A.: Desmond was parked outside of the school and watched Locke wheeling himself around. Ben knocked on his car window and asked what he was doing. Desmond said he was scouting a school for his son. Ben recommended the school and walked away.

As Locke wheeled himself across the parking lot, Desmond stepped on the gas pedal and sped toward Locke. With no pause or hesitation, he slammed his car into Locke’s wheelchair, sending Locke flying over the car and slamming down to the pavement as Desmond continued driving away. Ben and others rushed to Locke, whose eyes were open but seemed dazed.

Just to answer both questions in the beginning: Is Desmond Hume dead? Nope, he´s not.

Did Desmond kill Locke? Also nope… but they are clashing… and of course, as I always say… there are no better moments on Lost than when Desmond is on the show!

What do you think? Is Desmond Hume Dead? Did Desmond kill Locke?