LovesEverlastingCourage-hallmarkCheryl Ladd (“Las Vegas”) and Bruce Boxleitner (“TRON: Legacy”) bring big-time star power to this latest Hallmark Channel Original Movie that represents the second prequel inspired by the award-winning author Janette Oke’s stirring Love Comes Softly books and lead character Clark Davis (Wes Brown of “True Blood” fame).  And it’s also the 10th installment in what represents Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated and most successful film franchise to date.  Pretty impressive stuff.  Ladd and Boxleitner portray Irene and Lloyd Davis, the parents of Clark, loyal to their son when it counts most.  In this heartland pioneer saga, farmer Clark is in desperate straits to keep his land in shape and support his family during a long drought.  His wife Ellen (Julie Mond from “General Hospital”) is forced to take a job as a seamstress to help her husband repay a bank loan.  But then she suddenly contracts scarlet fever and tragically passes away.  Mom and dad step up to the plate to help the devastated Clark and his daughter Missie (Morgan Lily) in any way they can.  It gets so bad that Clark considers sending Missie to live with her grandparents. And then…the girl accidentally sets the family home on fire. Stressed and bewildered, Missie runs away from home just as Clark finds out he’s struck water.  But while one crisis is on the way to being overcome, a bigger one looms.  Life was surely no picnic for the 19th century families who worked the land to make ends meet.  It was a hard life, yet satisfying all the same.  However, you needed a lot of luck, and fortitude, to survive against difficult odds.  That’s the lesson that emerges from “Love’s Everlasting Courage,” a film that drives home the point that while life isn’t always fair, those who remain resolute and determined stand the best chance of persevering.  That remains as true today as it did back then.

Remember, Love´s Everlasting Courage premieres saturday October 1 on Hallmark Channel 9/8 C

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