The time for a new Matt LeBlanc network sitcom has arrived and it is called Man with a plan. He is joined by some solid comedians like Liza Snyder playing the wife Andi, Kevin Nealon playing Don and Diana Maria Riva playing Mrs Rodriguez.
In this one LeBlanc plays Adam Burns, a contractor who, once his wife Andi gets back to work in the hospital has to start tackling more responsibilities at home with the kids, to realize that things are not as easy at is seems.

man with a plan matt leblanc

Matt LeBlanc stars in Man with a plan as Adam Burns, #1 Dad.
Photo Credit: CBS

Jenna Fischer from The Office was first supposed to be playing Andi, but the show decided to recast the character and go with Liza Snyder as LeBlanc´s counterpart.

In the pilot, things start with a few wrongly timed jokes, but all in all nothing bad. A few old time kind of humor that now won´t pass, and the title sequence didn´t even start. So, as much as I want this show to be a good surprise like Kevin Can´t Wait ended up being, I am not so confident.

The first scene with the little kid alone and the first scene with Mrs Rodriguez and the exchange with Lowell get us more optimistic about the show.

The show has a good cast, and comes from the pen of a couple of writers with pedigree: Jackie and Jeff Filgo, who brought us That 70´s Show in the late nineties.

Critics have been brutal with this show, and I think it´s undeserved. Sure, it is by no means a great comedy pilot, but it is definitely not the worst thing on television as it was presented by some. It may evolve into a good family sitcom, or it can be cancelled pretty quickly. Jury´s still out, but I am going to root for it and give Man with a plan a few more episodes to develop before making a final call. Let me know your thoughts. Have you watched Man with a Plan? Will you give it a shot? Head to the comments and discuss, or follow me on social media for more scoop and reviews on tv shows.