marie-osmond-marie-hallmark-talk-showThis year marks the end of a couple of talk shows that were under the tutelage of Oprah Winfrey, as The Rosie Show and The Nate Berkus Show. That does not mean there´s not enough space or interest in the audiences for new bets in the matter; and that´s exactly what Hallmark Channel and Marie Osmond are partnering for: a new weekly Talk Show called “Marie” to premiere in the last quarter of 2012.

Hallmark  Channel  and  international  super  star  Marie  Osmond  announce  the  start  of
production  on  a  new  one-hour  talk  show,  “Marie!,”  hosted  by  the  popular  entertainer.
Production  commences  shortly  for  a  Q4  premiere  on  the  network.  Associated  Television International will produce the new lifestyle series which will air weekday afternoons on Hallmark Channel.
“Marie!”  is  an  inspirational  journey  to  help  people  make  a  difference  in  their  own  lives.
The  segments  will  feature  celebrity  and  non-celebrity  guests  who  drop  by  for  everything  from revelatory discussion, lifestyle tips and trends, socially important issues, and breakthroughs that empower  families.  Marie’s  potential  guests  include  everyone  from  the  publicly  famous  to everyday  people  with  out-of-the-ordinary  experiences,  to  the  star’s  famous  family,  her  closest girlfriends, and the nation’s leading experts in diverse fields designed to revolutionize lives.
“Marie  Osmond  has  entertained  millions  of  people  since  her  career  launched  at  the
tender  age  of  three,”  said  Michelle  Vicary,  Executive  Vice  President,  Hallmark  Channel  and Hallmark Movie Channel.
“She is someone we all feel that we know, and the essence of who Marie is fits perfectly
with the Hallmark brand to be emotive, family-oriented and celebratory.
“Marie Osmond is perfect for Hallmark Channel because the star remains so true to who
she  is:  an  extraordinarily  talented  and  grateful  human  being  who  loves  and  believes  in  family, hard  work  and  the  American  dream.  It  is  a  joy  to  welcome  her  to  the  network,”  Vicary concluded.
“Marie!” is being produced by ATI, Associated Television International. David McKenzie,
David Martin, Marie Osmond and Jim Romanovich are Executive Producers.

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