Martha Stewart as usual as a lot of good content coming our way.
And here´s Martha Stewart Show Schedule and Spoilers for next week, as Martha Stewart Presents: Women with Vision on Hallmark.

Martha Stewart Presents: Women with Vision Monday, July 18 at 8 p.m. ET

Join Martha and top influential women in the fields of technology, art, and design for a thought-provoking primetime interview special looking at success and the passion behind it. Google executive Marissa Mayer shares stories from the popular search engine’s early days. Emily Rafferty, the first female president of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, gives a private tour of the museum she’s helping to restore. And, leading architect Elizabeth Diller, of the firm Diller, Scofidio, and Renfro, offers advice to other women for achieving success.

Martha Stewart Show: Animal Week: African Wildlife Monday July 18 10 / 9 C

Meet some incredible African animals with wildlife expert Grant Kemmerer. Then, kick dinner up a notch with two tender and juicy steak recipes from chef Emeril Lagasse. Plus, learn how to make the homemade version of a store-bought favorite, cream-filled chocolate cookies, with actress Keke Palmer from Nickelodeon’s “True Jackson VP.”

Martha Stewart Show: Animal Week: Saltwater Aquariums Tuesday July 19 10 / 9 C

Learn how to create a beautiful saltwater aquarium for your home with City Aquarium’s Justin Muir. Then, try an easy-to-make roasted “engagement” chicken recipe guaranteed to please any guest — and secure a potential suitor — with Glamour editor-in-chief and cookbook author Cindi Leive (“100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know”). Plus, healthy sandwich suggestions from Whole Living food editor Shira Bocar.

Martha Stewart Show: Animal Week: Exotic Species Wednesday July 20 10 / 9 C

See exotic animals from around the world with the National Wildlife Federation’s David Mizejewski. Then, how to make a felt animal tapestry with “Martha Stewart Show” crafter Hosanna Houser, and new plant varieties for the garden with Dan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries.

Martha Stewart Show: Animal Week: Fashion for Dogs Thursday July 21 10 / 9 C

Learn how to make an adorable solar system mobile with MSNBC host Willie Geist. Then, get your furry friends ready for summer showers with the latest in stylish, functional rain gear for dogs, and discover what surprising traits people who live long, healthy lives have in common from “The Longevity Project” authors Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin.

Martha Stewart Show: Animal Week: Puppy Party Friday July 22 10 / 9 C

Express some puppy love for your kids with creative, easy-to-make decoration, favor, and activity ideas for a puppy-themed birthday party from Weddings editorial director Darcy Miller. Then, a felt puppy-ears craft for your party guests, and practical tips for throwing your pup a “pawty” from “Petkeeping” host Marc Morrone.

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