Martha Stewart show comes to TV every weekday at 10 AM (9C) on Hallmark and this week she has a lot in the store, from an entire show dedicated to Stay-At-Home Dads to a Pet Show.
Here´s what she´s bringing.

Martha Stewart Show on Monday, November 28 Martha’s Holiday Finds

Get holiday gift inspiration with a show full of Martha’s Finds! Discover the adorable baby products that Martha couldn’t resist for her granddaughter Jude, and see handy new gifts for furry friends as Martha and her pets share their favorite toys and apparel. Plus, homemade applesauce and clever salad-in-a-jar recipes.

Martha Stewart Show on Tuesday, November 29 The Stay-at-Home Dads Show

Step into the world of household fatherhood with dad-friendly recipes and an audience full of stay-at-home dads. Make savory minestrone-Parmesan potpie with super-dad Benjamin Frank; get a man-sized lesson in leftover lunches with Associated Press food editor J.M. Hirsch; and craft a simple wood dollhouse with blogger Joel Henriques.

Martha Stewart Show on Wednesday, November 30 The Sticky Show

It’s a celebration of all things sticky! Serve up finger-licking barbecue spare ribs and sticky rice recipes from Chef Anita Lo. Then, make the gooiest, stickiest toffee pudding you’ve ever tasted with TV chef Nora Singley. Plus, TV crafter Kristin St. Clair makes a chic, affordable bangle from everyday rope.

Martha Stewart Show on  Thursday, December 1The Pet Show

Meet the most adorable pets and learn new ways to feed, clothe, and care for them. See the latest in canine couture with Martha’s fashion show of dressed-to-the-nines dogs; discover rare cat breeds with amazing tiger- and leopard-like coats; and cook an unforgettable doggie meal with a pork loin recipe from “The Culinary Canine” author Harry Schwartz.

Martha Stewart Show on Friday, December 2 Breakfast Entertaining with Willie Geist

Throw an elegant breakfast party with recipes for cheesy baked eggs and roe-topped scrambled eggs in eggshell cups, prepared with MSNBC’s Willie Geist. Plus, learn how to make breakfast-inspired “cereal milk” and cornflake-crunch cookies, signature treats from Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi.

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