melissa-and-joey-season-finale-abc-familyYou already know there will be a season two, since Melissa & Joey has been renewed, so there will be some kind of cliffhanger in this season finale, and here some more scoop about the doubleheader finale from ABC Family´s freshman hit.
Mel and Joe are forced to think like parents when they worry about Lennox going to an all night party, and Joe comes into some money and considers leaving his “manny” post, on the season finale, with two all-new, back-to-back episodes of “Melissa & Joey,” premiering Wednesday, September 14 (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

In “Do As I Say, Not As I Did,” Mel helps Lennox get ready for her school dance but has a difficult time discussing teenage pressures with her. After she catches Lennox’s boyfriend making an adult purchase at the pharmacy, she enlists Joe’s help in getting through to Lennox. Back at home, Ryder finally finds the courage to stand up to his bossy girlfriend, Holly.

In “The Settlement,” Joe finds himself coming into some money owed him by his previous employer, which allows him to pursue other interests, so he quit his “manny” job. With Joey moving out and no longer her employee, Mel and Joe realize they may have more than friendly feelings for each other. And, the leaky ceiling in Mel’s house proves to be a larger problem than Joe anticipated, leading to some very unexpected destruction.

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