mike.molly-spoilers-quotes-jim-wont-eatA new episode of the very charming Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy led show Mike & Molly aired tonight, this one calle Jim Won´t Eat.

When Mike’s mom, Peggy, needs gallbladder surgery, she shocks Molly by asking her to take care of her dog. Meanwhile, Molly is thrown when Mike starts talking about being buried next to her when he dies.

Best Quotes from Mike & Molly S01E15 – Jim Won´t Eat

Mike: I´m in the middle of taking Guadalcanal, and I cannot leave my batallion (While playing video games)

Molly: If we are late, I´m gonna be the one getting the stint eye from her and the dog

Peggy: I didn´t know you were dating a trained physician

Carl: We are the conductors and traffic is the orchestra

Samuel: Would you like me to spit them on the kitchen or side salad?

Peggy: I wouldn´t have left Jim with her if I thought she was not a good person

Peggy: If I hadn´t taken my chance on that dirtbag I wouldn´t have had you

Victoria: If you would have told me yesterday that I´d be getting stoned with a dog tonight, I´d be very skeptical, but here we are

Molly: Great, now I have to explain Mike´s mom why her dog smells like Willie Nelson´s tour bus

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