mike-molly-spoilers-quotes-first-valentine-dayA new episode of the very charming Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy led show Mike & Molly aired tonight, this one calle First Valentine´s Day.

Mike’s big plans for his first Valentine’s Day with Molly are thrown into jeopardy after he accidentally runs into Molly’s ex-boyfriend.

Best Quotes from Mike & Molly S01E16 – First Valentine´s Day

Mike: Do you have a date?
Carl: Even better than a date. I have a strategy

Victoria: You know what they say: “Candy is dandy, but yay is weed”

Joyce: Looks little like a ransom note

Molly: The upside is we all have dates on Valentine´s Day

Kyle: Consider it my Valentine´s present to you and Molly

Mike: This frosting just melts in your mouth. That son of a bitch!

Carl: Not to mention he is ruggedly handsome and in quite good shape
Mike: Not helping!

Carl: Man, you don´t wanna do this now. You are angry and you have cake in your nose

Mike: Yeah, I´m alright. Nothing broken but my heart
Carl: And your sidewalk

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