alyssa-milano-cast-mistressesI started the save Romantically Challenged Facebook page a while ago, so, you can guess that I´m reading this as good news! Alyssa Milano casted as Savannah on Mistresses, a show that follows the story of four women with turbulent romantic lives. Alyssa Milano character is Savannah, a successful married attorney who spends long nights racking up billable hours alongside her attractive law partner.
The other three women are already announced, joining forces with Milano are Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes and Jes Macallan.
The show is based on a British Format that started in 2008 and is currently running is third season.
Alyssa Milano has been in front of our televisions ever since being a kid in Who´s The Boss, and as I have her listed, is as gorgeous as ever. This year, besides being able to see her reprising her role as Christian Slater´s character Oz´s girlfriend Amy on Breaking In. You can also follow her thoughts on Twitter like a gazillion other fans do, and she will probably start talking about Mistresses any time now.

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