aunt-mommy-extended-scene-video-modern-familyModern Family is ABC´s top comedy these days, and it´s currently airing season three. But there´s only so much they can put on 22 minutes of each episode. That´s why folks at ABC have sent me some videos of extended scenes that did not make the episodes, but are nonetheless fun-neh!

Modern Family S03E15 aunt mommy Extended Scene Video: Something Scary on the…

After closing on the sale of a house to Mitch and Cam’s friends, Phil and Claire take the two of them out for a celebratory dinner where they proceed to over-indulge in drinks, which leads to some over-sharing, and finally results in waking up the next morning hung over and begging the question – if you’ll do anything for family, shouldn’t there still be a line drawn somewhere?

Modern Family S03E17 Leap Day Extended Scene Video: Kind of a Regular Thing!

This episode will air on Leap Day, February 29, but I have here a first look on this hilarious extended scene: Cameron’s birthday falls on Leap Day, and with opportunities to celebrate so few and far between, the pressure for Mitchell to get it right is exceptional. Meanwhile, Jay’s machismo is in question, and Phil’s plans to observe the Leap Day holiday with the boys is thwarted by the girls.

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