mr-sunshine-pilot-recap-spoilers-quotesIf you are a Friends fan, then you must be very happy, after two years now of Courteney Cox success with Cougar town, this season marked start of the new Matt LeBlanc show in Showtime, and now Matthew Perry comes with Mr Sunshine on ABC in the same timeslot as former Monica.

Matthew Perry stars as Ben Donovan, the self-involved manager of a second-rate San Diego sports arena who begins to re-evaluate his life on his 40th birthday.
On what would have been just a typical day at work, trying to get rid of a hockey rink that won’t melt so the circus can go on that night, looking for an elephant lost in the building and arranging an impromptu press conference to repair one of his boss’s PR nightmares — Alice ends her casual relationship with Ben to commit to another man. This happens on Ben’s 40th birthday, just as he’s realizing he doesn’t want to be alone.

Best Quotes from Matthew Perry´s Mr Sunshine Pilot

Ben Donovan: Your welcome, you drunken idiots

Ben: What the hell is the matter with you?

Ben: You tell Bruce Springsteen I am the boss of this Arena… don´t tell him that, tell him he can do whatever he wants

Ben: Have you seen any hot marketing executive anywhere?
Alice: Where have you been dude

Alice: What is one of your special moves? When you look up and say “I´m sorry I just don´t know what happened”
Ben: She´s funny, she´s a funny girl

Alice: So, buddy, do you wanna do this or not?
Ben: I do, I do

Ben: I´m seeing other people
Alice: I´m seeing other people too

Ben: Hey, you are the head maintenance man, right?
Bob: Yes
Ben: And your name is Bob… Bobinson Boberts?
Bob: Yes
Ben: Really? Your name is Bob Bobinson Boberts?
Bob: Two years ago you said you only wanted me to say yes; which is tricky because you don´t always ask yes or no questions

Ben: Oh no no no no no. She wants to talk
Bob: It´s never good Bro

Ben: You are right to clap, because these are great ideas

Bob: Un elefante está suelto en el edificio

Ben: Actually your english is pretty good, and also: Oh no

Crystal: You are young, you are what? 31, 32
Ben: I´m 40
Crystal: Uh

Ben: In all future conversations, you go first

Alice: What was that?
Ben: I think it was the inside of my head

Ben: Do any of you guys know how to use an axe?
Clowns: Yeah

Ben: Sometimes it´s a real pleasure working with you

Ben: Of course he´s gonna want you. You are beautiful, you are smart. You are everything. You are everything. You know, maybe what you need right now is a friend, and I can be that for you, ok?

Ben: Hey, what´s your name?
Dan: Dan
Ben: Thanks Dan… already forgot it

Alfonso: There´s an elephant in the room

Ben: What do you do in a situation like this?
Alfonso: I´m gonna run for my life
Ben: Yeah that sounds good

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