mr-sunshine-spoilers-quotes-employee-of-the-year-nick-jonasIf you are a Friends fan, then you must be very happy, after two years now of Courteney Cox success with Cougar town, this season marked start of the new Matt LeBlanc show in Showtime, and now Matthew Perry comes with Mr Sunshine on ABC in the same timeslot as former Monica.

In this second episode, Crystal decides to hold a contest to determine the Employee of the Year, but unbeknownst to the staff, a winner has already been pre-determined. Meanwhile, as Ben contends with catering to Eli’s needs, he must also keep the rest of the employees from being distracted by the fake contest and get the arena ready in time for Eli’s performance.

I gotta say Andrea Anders is less the next door girl from Joey and turned into more of a hottie.

Best Quotes from Matthew Perry´s Mr Sunshine Employee of the Year Episode

Roman: She´s super cute

Ben: In his defense, during his very brief time here with us he demonstrated little or no skill at anything
Roman: That is correct sir

Crystal: I know someone who doesn´t want to win a contest

Ben: She´s gone man, get a hold of yourself

Ben: Oh you are winking at me

Nick Jonas: I´m not a popstar, I´m a rockstar

Nick Jonas: I wish this didn´t have to go this way, but I´m a nightmare

Ben: 22 hours of Sally Field, lose yourself

Nick Jonas: Find me the hottest girl in the audience and get me her number

Alice: I just stole freesbies from blind children
Ben: I just got a hot teenager phone number

Ben: I went to college… I went to college

Ben: You have jobs, go do them

Nick Jonas: Wow I can´t believe you know all my songs

Nick Jonas: Thanks Ben you are good at your job too
Ben: Go get them rockstar

Ben: That´s me “some guy who works here”
Crystal: You are not some guy who works here

Ben: Security, when you get a chance, there´s a fire in the tunnel

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