268b750f3bdf92c3a9941837a2b23ba4Every major award ceremony does this homage; and I felt we should do it too over here. In this case, let´s honor those in the music industry who left us in 2014. Those who, thorugh their creativity, talent, art, voices and instruments filled our lives with joy in the form of music. There are some huge and notable names among this list, but when you delve deeper into it, you´ll find singers, songwriters, musicians and composers. In the case of composers, songwriters and musicians, you´ll find them represented by songs from artists or bands that made them famous. Without further ado, let´s listen to this list honoring 53 talented musicians that were gone in 2014.


1- 2/1/2014, Jay Traynor, Singer. Save the last dance for me. Jay and The Americans.
2- 3/1/2014, Phil Everly, Singer. Wake Up Little Susie. The Everly Brothers.
3- 5/1/2014, Nelson Ned, Singer. El Preso Número Nueve.
4- 18/1/2014, Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen, Singer. Nobody Said it was easy. LeRoux.
5- 27/1/2014, Pete Seeger, Singer and Musician, Guantanamera.


6- 12/2/2014, Santiago Feliú, Singer. Para Bárbara.
7- 17/2/2014, Bob Casale, Musician. Whip It. Devo.
8- 25/2/2014, Paco de Lucía, Musician, concierto de Aranjuez.
9- 15/3/2014, Scott Asheton, Musician. I Wanna Be Your Dog. Iggy Pop & The Stooges.
10- 3/4/2014, Arthur Smith, Musician. Dueling Banjos.
11- 5/4/2014, Oscar Avilés, Singer. El Error de un adiós.
12- 7/5/2014 George Shuffler, Musician. Precious Memories. The Stanley Brothers.
13- 15/5/2014, Shane Gibson, Musician. Freak on a Leash, Korn.
14- 17/04/2014, José Cheo Feliciano, Singer. Contigo Aprendí.
15- 18/5/2014, Deon Jackson, Singer. That´s What You do to me.
16- 2/5/2014, Jessica Cleaves, Singer. September. Earth Wind & Fire.
17- 3/5/2014, Bobby Gregg, Musician, The Sounds of Silence. Simon & Garfunkel.
18- 6/5/2014, William Olvis, Composer. Separate Lives. London Symphony Orchestra.
19- 6/5/2014, Antony Hopkins, Composer. Epilogue to Billy Budd. Benjamin Britten.
20- 8/5/2014, Jair Rodrigues, Singer. Vai Meu Samba.
21- 11/5/2014, Ed Gagliardi, Musician. I want to know what love is. Foreigner.
22- 17/5/2014, Bongani Masuku, Singer. Umfazi Omdala. Johnny Clegg & Juluka.
23- 18/5/2014, Jerry Vale, Singer. Have You Look Into Your Heart.
24- 23/5/2014, Uña Ramos, Musician. La Muerte del Carnaval.
25- 7/6/2014, Helcio Milito, Musician, The Girl From Ipanema. Stan Getz y Astrud Gilberto.
26- 24/6/2014, Lee McBee, Musician, Wounded Heart. Bonnie Raitt.
27- 27/6/2014, Bobby Womack, Singer, California Dreaming.
28- 9/7/2014, Ken Thorne, Composer, Superman II Soundtrack.
29- 16/07/2014, Johnny Winter, Musician. Highway 61 revisited.
30- 30/07/2014, Dick Wagner, Musician, Poison by Alice Cooper.
31- 11/8/2014, Robin Williams, Actor and Singer, My Way.
32- 27/8/2014, Peret, Musician, Borriquito.
33- 31/8/2014, Jimi Jamison, Musician, Eye of the Tiger. Survivor.
34- 4/9/2014, Gustavo Cerati, Musician, De Música Ligera. Soda Stereo.
35- 5/9/2014, Simone Battle, Singer. Santa Baby.
36- 9/9/2014, Robert Young, Musician. Too Fast to live too young to die. Robert Gordon.
37- 11/9/2014, Bob Crewe, Composer, I Can´t Take My Eyes Off You. Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.
38- 12/9/2014, John Gustafson, Musician, Avalon. Roxy Music.
39- 27/9/2014, Raúl Carnota, Musician. Chacarera de un triste.
40- 27/9/2014, Negro García López. Musician. Fanky. Charly García.
41- 16/10/2014, Tim Hauser, Musician, The Boy From New York City. Manhattan Transfer.
42- 25/10/2014, Jack Bruce, Musician, Sunshine of your love. Cream.
43- 11/11/2014, Big Bank Hank, Rapper. Rapper´s Delight. Sugarhill gang.
44- 17/11/2014, Jimmy Ruffin, Singer, What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.
45- 4/12/2014 Bob Montgomery, Composer. Misty Blue. Etta James.
46- 11/12/2014, Dawn Sears, Singer. The Lonely in me.
47- 16/12/2014, Wendy Rene, Singer. After laughter comes tears.
48- 18/12/2014, Larry Henley, Composer, Wind Beneath My Wings. Bette Midler.

49- 21/12/2014, Horacio Ferrer, Composer, Balada Para Un Loco. Piazzola y Goyeneche.
50- 22/12/2014, Joe Cocker, Singer, With a Little Help From My Friends.
51- 24/12/2014, Daniel Salzano, Songwriter. Caballo loco, Jairo.

52- 28/12/2014, Leopoldo Federico, Musician. La Cumparsita. Leopoldo Federico orquesta
53- 28/12/2014, Frankie Randall, Singer. Spanish Flea.

What do you think? Am I missing someone? Please let me know. I´d like to honor all these talented people.

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