nate-berkus-oprah-winfrey-housePreparing for May Sweeps Mr Nate Berkus is scheduling great contents for Nate Berkus Show.

This May, Nate Berkus, popular designer and host of the nationally syndicated “The Nate Berkus Show,” (check local listings) takes viewers on a journey of transformation. The hour-long show, which celebrates living life to the fullest, will feature special guests including Oprah Winfrey and Newark’s Mayor Cory Booker, and everyday people who believe in Nate’s philosophy that a home should represent the mural of one’s life. Details for the segments are as follows:

Nate Berkus Show Thursday, April 28: “The Power Of Color: Transform Your Home & Life With Color” Featuring Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker

Nate and his design team travel to Newark to renovate the exterior of a home owned by Ramon Roman and his family of seven. Roman, who lost his job and was struggling to make ends meet, desperately wanted to fix the exterior of his home (where his family has lived since 1988), but financial pressures and bills prevented him from taking on the project.  While in the neighborhood, Nate joins Mayor Cory Booker for a walk through the streets of Newark where they discussed the city’s ongoing transformation and Booker’s continuing efforts to revitalize downtown. Inspired by the Mayor’s passion for his city, Nate surprises the Mayor by revealing plans to take on a major beautification project in which Nate’s team will renovate an entire city block and neighborhood park. The amazing end result will be revealed this fall.

Nate Berkus Show Monday, May 2: “Spring Forward – Fresh Design Ideas To Step Up Your Style!”

Nate shows viewers that spring cleaning doesn’t always require purging – it can mean making relevant and inspirational additions – find out what three simple items, or colors, will make any old room, new again.

Nate Berkus Show Tuesday, May 3: “Oprah Winfrey: House Proud” Featuring Oprah Winfrey

In a special edition of this fan-favorite segment, ‘House Proud,’  Oprah Winfrey takes Nate and his viewers on an intimate tour of her Montecito, CA home, sharing why she has come to call the property ‘The Promised Land.’  During the visit, Nate learns what possession is closest to her heart and why being hands-on with design and home décor means so much to her.

Nate Berkus Show Wednesday, May 4: “Unbreakable Bonds: Creating A Home For Your Modern Family”

Family…you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  Nate has ideas on how to live better with the ones you love.  Then, Toni Braxton stops by with her sisters to discuss some of their hardest family struggles and reveal the secrets behind their new reality show, Braxton Family Values.  Plus, Nate has a huge surprise reunion in store for Toni.  And meet a blended family that’s very similar to a modern day Brady Bunch.  Nate has design advice for how this large family can make the most of their space and live together under one roof.

Nate Berkus Show Thursday, May 5:  “Drive by Design: Grab & Go Tips From Tag Sales To Food” Featuring Oprah Winfrey’s coined Warrior Mom, Monica Jorge

In this new signature segment, Nate has tips on how to plan for your next neighborhood tag sale.  Nate also spends time with Monica Jorge who was forced to amputate both her arms and legs after the birth of her daughter went horribly wrong.  During an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in September, where Oprah dubbed Monica the “Warrior Mom,” Winfrey enlisted Nate’s help in building, customizing and decorating a new home that will suit Monica’s special needs.  In this heartwarming episode, Nate takes Monica’s oldest daughter, 14-year-old Madelyn, shopping for home accessories; but for the first time that she can remember, the focus is on her. Nate makes sure Madelyn gets the kinds of items that will make her new room her own. This is one of four segments featuring Monica that will air in May, with the ultimate new home reveal set for Fall 2011!

Nate Berkus Show Friday, May 6: “It’s Mother’s Day! Multi-Generational Makeovers For Mothers, Daughters & Their Homes” Featuring Nate’s mother, Nancy Golden, and actress, Ali Wentworth

On this special episode honoring mothers, Nate celebrates Mother’s Day with an hour-long show packed with makeovers, surprises and reunions.  Plus, everyone in the audience is a mom!  One special mom in the audience is in for the shock of a lifetime when she finds out actress Ali Wentworth has been busy making over her bedroom. Then, Nate brings together a mother and daughter for an extraordinary reunion you’ll never forget!  Plus, don’t miss as Nate attempts to pull off a big surprise for his own mom!

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