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Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Monday – February 21, 2011

“Instant Life Changers”: How To Get Your Weight Back On Track.  Plus, Nate Surprises A Busy Mom With A High Flying Adventure!

Nate teams up with Biggest Loser host, Alison Sweeney, to reveal how to get your weight back on track using three simple, everyday items you can find in your kitchen.  In “Nate To Go,” Nate surprises a busy Mom with a high flying adventure as they each try out trapezing for the first time!   Next, in the first “Celebrity House Proud,” Taboo, from the Black Eyed Peas, opens up his home.  See why he’s so proud.  And, Nate’s four design ideas to bring color and style to your home — all under $20!

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Tuesday – February 22, 2011

“Dr. Oz’s must haves for every home”: For The First Time, Nate Welcomes Dr. Oz To The Show!

Nate welcomes Dr. Oz onto his show! For the first time, Dr. Oz stops by to reveal his must have items for every room in your home to keep you healthy.  And, don’t miss what Nate’s big payoff to Dr. Oz is going to be! Then, rules for bargain shopping so you can get the best celebrity looks – for a fraction of the cost.  See if you can tell the difference between fashion looks that were bargains and others that could break the bank! Plus, the surprising solution to keeping your prized furniture in tip-top shape.

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Wednesday – February 23, 2011

“Design Rehab Furniture Fix-Up”: It’s Nate’s Furniture Ambush! He Teams Up With Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos To See If You Should Fix It Or Forget It!

Nate sends Flipping Outs Jenni Pulos on a mission to help three neighbors who are in desperate need of design upgrades.  Jenni kidnaps two pieces of furniture from each of these homes and then Nate decides if these items should be flipped, flopped or swapped – find out what he does with them!  Then, the swap meet continues in-studio with members of the audience turning their unwanted clutter into brand new stylish items.  And in “Town Proud” Nate highlights two dads, from Sacramento, CA, who are making a difference one coffee cup at a time – find out how.  Plus, take Nate’s celebrity style quiz!

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Thursday – February 24, 2011

“Biggest Myths Busted”: From Your Home To Your Figure – Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown Joins Nate In Busting The Biggest Myths!

Nate and Community’s Nicole Yvette Brown are on a mission to debunk the most common myths related to home, entertaining and fashion.  From the myth that china should not be used every day to the idea that fat can only be burned off (can you freeze off fat?!) Nate and Yvette put all these myths and more to the test.  Then, in an edition of “Nate’s Big Day Off,” Nate surprises a deserving mom of six who runs three day care centers with a day off at the spa.  And guess what? Nate’s taking over one of her nursery school classes for her!  Don’t miss as Nate attempts to feed the kids their lunch and get them through naptime.  And in preparation for Hollywood’s biggest night this Sunday, Nate comes to the rescue with Oscar entertaining tips.  Katie Lee is on hand to share easy dishes that will turn your Oscar party into a red carpet event including how to turn ordinary popcorn into a gourmet treat.

Nate Berkus Show Guest and Spoilers for Friday – February 25, 2011

“Nate Vs. His Mom”: Nate Faces Off Against His Mother In A Design Challenge

Does mother really know best? Nate goes head-to-head with his interior designer mother to see who can create the better room for a couple with clashing design styles.  Watch as this competitive mother-son duo hits an antiques mall to select items to decorate a blank space.  And find out why you should be shopping antiques!  Then, Nate and his mom team up to solve a family design dilemma for a 10-year-old, who turned in her mom, who she says needs help decorating!  Plus, Chef Alex’s easy recipes for quick family meals!  Plus, Nate introduces a 17-year-old girl who is changing the lives of other girls half way around the world on book at a time!

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