the80s-natgeo-renewed-90sI am not quite sure i to consider this a renewal, or a spinoff or a sequel or exactly what, but what´s for sure is that folks at NatGeo saw the huge worldwide success of The 80´s as an opportunity to prepare a new miniseries of documentaries about the last decade of the previous century, under the working title so far of “The ´90s: The Last Great Decade”.

The ’90s will showcase the people, the inventions and the decisions that shaped the last decade of the 20th century. And the same as The ´80s, this new installment will probably have local presenters internationally. But what I am most craving is a campaign such as the one for The ´80s, that was so great, with such a perfect music score that probably gained tons of viewers.

It was the decade that was building up to the Y2K (where nothing actually happened) the times when the Twin Towers were still up, the times when Harry Potter first hit the bookstores and when the Spice Girls were the buzziest band of all. It was the times of BoyBands, Bon Jovi´s Keep the Faith, and tons of great films.

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