Nia-Vardalos_MarieNext week Marie has a filled of stars lineup of guest ready for us starting MONDAY, May 6 [OAD 5/6/13] – In this special episode of “Marie,” Marie strolls down memory lane and reminisces on her favorite moments throughout the season. From interviewing Betty White to Jamie Lee Curtis, Marie shares her favorite and most intimate moments with stars that have made her laugh, cry and smile. Personal moments she’s shared include Suzanne Somers opening up about her lumpectomy when she battled breast cancer and when Mary Hart expressed how difficult it was to leave as host of the longest-running entertainment news program, “Entertainment Tonight.” Marie also shares special moments with celebrities including Carnie Wilson, Eric Roberts, Luke Perry, Tom Bergeron, Kevin Nealon, Donny Osmond, Fran Drescher and many more. From Italian dishes to the sweetest desserts, Marie also reveals her favorite cooking segments with celebrities and her favorite dishes. As a show that celebrates ways to make life better for others, Marie also reminisces on the best workout moves and her favorite exercises, including sword fighting with Kevin Sorbo and shooting basketball hoops with Jillian Michaels.

TUESDAY, May 7 [OAD 5/7/13] – Marie welcomes back four-time Grammy® winning producer Kuk Harrell who has asked Marie to partner with him in his latest endeavor on his search for the next singing superstar in the worldwide internet competition, “Who’s Next?” Kuk will join Marie every Tuesday as they review videos of contestants and narrow down the search for the next singing sensation. Film director and actor C. Thomas Howell, best known for his work in “The Outsiders and “The Hitcher,” sits down with Marie to talk about his amazing career and the latest season of TNT’s “Southland.” Howell also opens up about his childhood, his successful 20 year marriage, his three beautiful children and his friendship with the late Patrick Swayze and how his death affected him. Lastly, Kuk joins Marie again to reveal the lucky person that is moving on to the next round of “Who’s Next?”

WEDNESDAY, May 8 [OAD 5/8/13] – From the hit television comedy series “Reba” and “Baby Daddy,” Melissa Peterman stops by Marie to talk about her marriage, parenting skills and a new game show she hosts on ABC called “Bet on Your Baby.” Members of the studio audience get the chance to bet on their own babies as Melissa puts several moms and their kids through some of her favorite show’s games. Fitness expert and author of Side Effect: Skinny, Denise Austin joins Marie to share healthy eating tips and exercise routines to shrink your five fat zones. Lastly, from the hit reality game show “Wipeout,” host Jill Wagner sits down with Marie and shares about her life growing up with a single dad in North Carolina and opens up about her experiences visiting our troops in Afghanistan.

THURSDAY, May 9 [OAD 5/2/13] – On Marie’s special Mother’s Day show, Academy Award® nominated screenwriter, actress and director Nia Vardalos sits down with Marie to talk about the gift of finding her daughter through the foster care system. Nia opens up about the adoption process and the joys that motherhood brings. Later, adoption expert and author of Called to Adoption: A Christian’s Guide to Answering the Call, Mardie Caldwell and Marie are joined by special guests who share their story and choice of adoption. Lastly, author of Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir Tre Miller Rodriguez sits down with Marie and shares her incredible story reuniting with her birth daughter on Facebook.

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