sam-cat-cancelled-renewed-nickelodeoniCarly Universe keeps expanding. The uber hit from Nickelodeon which made the spinoff that now is a bonafide hit on its own merits Sam & Cat gets renewed, adding 20 more episodes to its current run. The show is also a spin off from Victorious, sort of a spin off and merger.

Nickelodeons funny gals Jennette McCurdy (iCarlys Sam Puckett) and Ariana Grande (Victorious Cat Valentine) are back as their iconic characters from iCarly and Victorious in the brand-new, spin-off comedy Sam & Cat, debuting Saturday, June 8, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT). Sam & Cat follows feisty Sam and flighty Cat as they become best friends and unlikely roommates who start a babysitting service.

And now Sam & Cat are getting renewed to extend their run for twenty more episodes of fun things happening to these two new best friends.

Clearly, folks at Nickelodeon know how to make a hit with kids and tweens. And this one is no exception to the norm.

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