nightlife-web-series-reviewWeb Series is a growing format and a great vehicle to find new voices and talent. Here, at I´m trying to do my best to help, and therefore offering this space to all those webseries creators that may be around to help put the voice out about their shows. In this one, Nightlife, an episodic comedy series about a group of rogue D&D gamers who spend their nights protecting the public from vampires in the name of justice and good.

The story follows five vampire hunters on their night-to-night struggles to vanquish the creatures of the night… if only they could find one.  Ricky is the group’s leader and “Dungeon Master,” who works a coveted job at a local comic book store.  Andrew’s the second in command who, when not delivering pizzas, keeps the group in order and plans their tactical strategies.  Ethan, the inventor,  builds and maintains the group’s various ramshackle hunting gear, including a tanning cream launching weapon of mass vampire destruction.  Seth, head of research and very vocal conspiracy theorist, flaunts outlandish views that would make even Jerry Springer take pause.  And finally there’s Billy, the fifth wheel, who doesn’t talk much and no one really even seems to know why he’s there.

Nightlife, the web series, has eight episodes in the first season, and also features a some extras in the site.

Nightlife was created and directed by Tim Sanderson.  He wrote the series in collaboration with fellow producers Darren Scharf, Jeff Chappuis, and Marvin Day. Among the cast are James Brownlee (Machete), Brandon Hayes (Mad Men), and Korey Simeone (Prison Break, Sin City).  Nightlife also introduces a new faces including P.J. Evans, Maria Collins, Avi Hartman.

I loved this web series tagline: Join Ricky, Andrew, Seth, Ethan, and Billy every Monday as they set out to eradicate evil, one vampire at a time… just as soon as they find one..

On the series premiere The epic journey begins as the doc crew meets with the vampire hunters for the first time. It’s time to say goodbye to daylight and hello to moonlight. Or street light… They live in a city after all.

The funniest coincidence thing was that when I watched the first episode, the video had 666 reproductions. Muahaha

The theme song The Winner by Macchio Man is very good too

This web series is done in the Mockumentary style The Office, Parks and Recreation and Modern Family thrive in.

You can see the effort going in behind this show, So check it out

Best Quotes from Nightlife The Series

Ricky: We knew we had a purpose, but one day it hit us

Ricky: How many vampires stories do you see in the news?

Andrew: D&D is a the perfect vehicle to be able to sit down and train about what to do in high stress situations

Ethan: I´m trying to find a way to fit a stake throwing thing here

Ethan: I like Seth… he´s a… a…

Seth: My goal is to help vanish vampirism

You can go and catch up on the first season of Nightlife. It only takes about an hour and a half. Give it a try, it´s a good web series.

And then subscribe to Nightlife on Twitter or Facebook, so they let you know when the next season premieres.

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