We know it´s the final season of Nip Tuck, and everyone´s game at this point… whatever can happen.

And in the last minutes of the latest episode of Nip Tuck we saw Kimber take a dive.

What will happen to her? Is Kimber Alive? Is Kimber Dead on Nip Tuck?

Do not keep reading if you want to avoid this big Nip Tuck spoiler.

Well… the truth is Kimber dies on Nip Tuck!

So, no more Kimber for us fans.

Also, folks at EW did an awesome interview with Kelly Carlson, the actress who portrayes Kimber.

A decoy script was passed around that had Kimber surviving the jump. How did you find out that she was actually dead?

KELLY CARLSON: One of our writers told me. The truth is that Kimber was just supposed to be in the first episode, so this character wasn’t completely created before I got there. We all did it together. So Kimber is very close to my heart because I feel so responsible for creating her – just as much as anyone else. But truthfully, the show is ending, so I was totally fine (Laughs). But it’s still sad because I love her, and that character is very special to me.

How do Christian and Sean react to Kimber death on Nip Tuck?

CARLSON: I wasn’t so concerned about Kimber and Sean because that’s just one of the affairs that always happens on Nip/Tuck. But with Christian, I know it deeply disturbed him, and he had some regrets. You’ll see him go through that process. And then the storyline immediately following with Melanie Griffith as my mother – I don’t know if I can say, but I’m telling you – he has an affair with her to find closure with Kimber. Kind of like a forgiveness coming from her mother.

To read the full interview, visit EW

What do you think about Kimber dying on Nip Tuck?