noreastermen-premieres-historyThere´s a new show coming to HISTORY this week, when Nor´Easterman airs. The show premieres Thursday at 9/8C.

It’s January in New England and one of the best times of year to fish in the North Atlantic. It’s also the prime time for Nor’easters – powerful hurricane-like storms that can create hurricane force winds and waves that top 40 feet. Nor’eastermen follows four fearless fishing boat captains and their crew in race to see who can come back to market first with the biggest and most lucrative haul of fish, but the year’s first Nor’easter could wreak havoc on the boats.  All the captains have a strategy for fighting the storm, but only a couple boats will make it back to port this trip.   Don’t miss the exciting preview below and be sure to tune-in for all three hours of high stakes drama to see which of the Nor’Easter Men will end up in the top spot this week?  It’s anybody’s for the taking.

You can watch Nor´Easterman preview video trailer here

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