Notes-From-The-Heart-Healer-hallmarkThey say sequels are not a good thing… well, Hallmark Channel is here to prove nay sayers wrong. A new movie from a beolved and successful trilogy.

Emmy Award-winning actress Genie Francis (“General Hospital”) and veteran actor Ted McGinley (“Hope & Faith”) reunite in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Notes From The Heart Healer,” premiering Sunday, May 13 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C),  the third installment in one of the network’s highest-rated film series of all time.  Francis reprises her role as a journalist struggling to come to terms with her past in Hallmark Channel’s inspirational and beloved movie series.  Joining Francis and McGinley is newcomer Laci Mailey.

Recently married journalist Peyton MacGruder (Francis) has just written her first book based on her relationship advice column “The Heart Healer.”  Traveling to a scenic village in Washington State on her book tour, Peyton is surprised when her husband King (McGinley) shows up with a special weekend planned at a beautiful cottage for their first anniversary.  Things quickly take a turn, though, when Peyton finds a baby abandoned on her doorstep, with an anonymous note begging her to take care of the infant.  As Peyton begins to do some detective work to find the baby’s mother, a down-on-her-luck and panicked young woman named Violet (Mailey), she is stunned by the growing maternal instinct she feels for the small child, and must reconcile painful memories of her own child she gave up years ago.  Soon, Peyton begins to question whether she will be able to give the child back, or if she can ever even forgive Violet—or herself.  Can Peyton take her own heart-healing advice and help Violet?  Or will she let her own troubled past stop her?

“Notes From The Heart Healer,” is an Odyssey Networks and Muse Entertainment Production.  Executive Producers are Maura Dunbar, Joel S. Rice and Michael Prupas.  Genie Francis and Michael D. Jacobs are the co-executive producers.  Harvey Kahn is the producer.  Doug Barr wrote and directed the film.

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