storm-wars-syfy-original-movieYou know that Syfy Original Movies are all about guilty pleasures in form of TV movies, right?
As Sharktopus (movie I did a tweet-along and comments kept pouring like crazy), or Mega Python vs Gatoroid (with another tweet-along).
This time, there´s no genetic experiment gone wrong, but there is a scientist! So we know we are up for two hours of fun next Saturday!

What is Syfy´s Storm War about? Plot Synopsis

Once the government pulled funding for his project, scientist Marcus Grange, seeks revenge by controlling the weather and causing devastation to any that stand in his way. When man controls mother nature, the world must weather the storm! (Now that´s a tagline, huh?) Tune-in to Storm War this Saturday at 9/8c on Syfy to watch if two brothers can stop their fathers evil reign from using weather weapons to destroy Washington D.C.

As you can see in the photo, even The Pentagon gets hit by this Storm War on Syfy. Will watch for sure this movie.

Syfy´s Storm War Trailer Video

Will you watch Syfy´s Storm War November 26 at 9/8C? Let me know in the comments section.
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