Kathy-bravo-cancelled-renewedKathy Griffin sounds like she´s not too sad about the cancellation of her show Kathy on Bravo, at least she didn´t sound like that when she confirmed it during a stand up performance Friday Night at Cincinnati´s Taft Theatre. One of the reasons probably being a comedienne she should be able to move past it to perform, but also because getting Kathy cancelled gives room for Griffin to pursue her talk show featuring her and Anderson Cooper for CNN.

The show, currently in its second season is not performing according to expectations, thus making Bravo make the call and cancel Kathy, the weekly prime-time talk show hosted by two-time Emmy award winner Kathy Griffin.  Every Thursday, Kathy will be joined by a throng of celebrities to discuss everything pop culture from the latest celebrity scandals to Kathy’s new favorite television obsession to her most recent celebrity run in.  Previous guest, Jane Fonda, called her “basically insane,” Chelsea Handler quipped, “You’re going to have to bleep all of this,” and Jimmy Kimmel commented, “It’s very hot in hell, Kathy.”

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