Folks at Current TV sent me some Highlights from “Politically Direct 2012” election special, which aired Thursday, December 15 at 11pm EST immediately following the Republican debate that took place earlier in the evening in Sioux City, Iowa.
The special which analyzed the GOP presidential debate featured former Michigan Governor and host of the upcoming week nightly program “The War Room with Jennifer Granholm,” (premiering in January) Jennifer Granholm and “The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur” host Cenk Uygur along with commentary and insight from “The Young Turks” contributors Michael Shure, Brian Unger, and Ben Mankiewicz.

Granholm: Romney’s true record on jobs is ‘to be a shark’ and ‘lay people off’

In Current’s “Politically Direct 2012” post-debate analysis, Jennifer Granholm takes on Mitt Romney’s comments that President Obama doesn’t understand layoffs. “It’s incredibly disingenuous for somebody who made money off of laying people off,” Granholm says. “There was no market that was willing to step in and save those jobs [in Detroit]. If you compare the two, the president by far has a record of saving jobs, and Mitt Romney’s record … is to be a shark, to go in, borrow money, take companies through bankruptcy and lay people off.”

Will Keystone be Obama’s biggest liability in the general election?

During Current’s “Politically Direct 2012” post-debate analysis, one viewer asked, “What attack made on the president tonight could you see actually being effective in the general election?” Cenk Uygur’s answer is the Keystone pipeline attacks could be one. “The veracity of those statements is a different issue,” Cenk says, “but we’re within days of Obama buckling on this issue.” Jennifer Granholm says she “totally disagrees,” because “that was a hard enough decision for [Obama] to make in the first place.”

Fox News asked tough questions, but didn’t challenge conservative principles

Jennifer Granholm asks panelists in Current’s “Politically Direct 2012” post-debate analysis who made the best bid for vice president in the Sioux City, Iowa, GOP debate, and whether Fox News might have possibly done a good job moderating the debate. “There is such a big inconsistency among all of the candidates about what issues they will let the states decide versus what they want the federal government to decide,” Brian Unger points out. “And that’s just a very basic journalistic query.” But, as Cenk Uygur says, “They’re not going to actually challenge conservative principles on Fox News.”

Cenk Uygur about Rick Perry’s Tim Tebow comments during the debate:
“Instead of Tim Tebow, he looked like Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg”.”
Jennifer Granholm on Newt Gingrich’s judiciary elimination proposal:
“This piece is so wrong on so many levels…it’s utterly preposterous.”
Brian Unger on Newt Gingrich, whom the panel agreed was weak in tonight’s debate:
“An edited Newt Gingrich is not a fun Newt Gingrich. We want to see him come out swinging.”

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