matt-giraud-american-idolOk, American Idol second Season 8 Gala just ended, with the second twelve contestants trying to get the nod.

Matt Giraud is trying so on “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.

Randy Jackson Said: he’s still pulling for Matt because he’s one of his favorites, but he needs to stay away from the melody-simple songs

Kara DioGuardi: he should stick to bluesy, soulful songs

Paula Abdul said: not thrilled with the song, but gives him props for giving it his all

Simon Cowell said: he turned from a cool guy in Hollywood to a wannabe pop star

How to vote for Matt Giraud at American Idol?

Call 1866 IDOLS 02

Call 1866 43657 02

Text “Vote” to 5702

So… do you want Matt Giraud to be one of the top twelve?

He was a frontrunner before… will he still be?