jeremy-michael-sarver american idolOk, American Idol first Season 8 Gala just ended, with the first twelve contestants trying to get the nod.

Michael Sarver is trying so and doesn´t wanna be anything other than him.

Randy Jackson Said: I like you more as a soul artist

Kara DioGuardi: You´re likeable but that´s not the best you can do

Paula Abdul said: It´s a great song

Simon Cowell said: We put you here because we like you. If you get thorugh it´s because people like you

How to vote for Michael Sarver at American Idol?

Call 1866 IDOLS 08

Call 1866 43657 08

Text “Vote” to 5708

So… do you want Michael Sarver to be one of the top twelve?

I´m not jumping to the bandwagon just yet…