Ok, American Idol third Season 8 Gala just ended, with the third twelve contestants trying to get the nod.

Scott McIntyre is trying so with “Mandolyn Rain”.

Randy Jackson Said: The parts that were great were really great. You pour out passion.

Kara DioGuardi: You don´t make excuses. Hope America vote for you.

Paula Abdul said: I can´t wait for people to hear you play. You´re one of our finest.

Simon Cowell said: You´re growing on me. I´m going to be amazed if you don´t make it through.

How to vote for Scott McIntyre at American Idol?

Call 1866 IDOLS 09

Call 1866 43657 09

Text “Vote” to 5709

So… do you want Scott McIntyre to be one of the top twelve?