The Daily Rehash - Prince on Twitter - DAILY REHASH - Ora TVAD -Last week it was Harry Styles twerking that became the second most retweeted thing on Twitter, and earlier this week it was the paiting of #Sharknado and #GhostShark the ones who almost broke Twitter with the enormous response. So now, let´s see what else is coming from the likes of Daily Rehash at

Prince, famed signer-song writer of our age, is FINALLY on Twitter and he’s got all kinds of goodies to share. But can you tell if a tweet is real Prince or a parody account? Test your knowledge in today’s show!

Just by calling him the artist formerly know as Prince then once again called Prince you know you have the makings of Twitter magic…

If you are a fan of Eric Artell who hosts the show, well he´s still MIA, so let´s enjoy the guest host for this one.

So, this was the thing to talk about on this edition of Daily Rehash. So, without further ado… Prince on Twitter.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video! It´s just a few minutes.

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