psych-spoilers-quotes-in-plain-fright-video-shawn-gusAnother night of Psych on TV is what everybody should get in order to have a good time. And if that is the episode that follow the one where Shawn and Juliet kiss, well, there´s not much better than that.

And in this case, on Psych S05E11 In Plain Fright a lot of funny things happened, in a Scooby Doo themed Psych episode.

While on the haunted house ride at Santa Barbara’s Scare Fest, Shawn and Gus witness a murder and are soon led to believe the person who committed it is the ghost of a man who fell to his death at Scare Fest 13 years ago.

Best Quotes from Psych S05E11 In Plain Fright

Shawn: Everybody know that animatronic goblins can sometimes come to life in the weirdest of situations
GUS: That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life

Shawn: Jules, couples are supposed to have their hands all over each other

Jules: Eventually, Carlton will figure out about us
Shawn: I´ve seen his detective skills. It could take years

Shawn: I will go with both of you. I promise I´ll scream as loud with both of you

Shawn: Gus will understand

Jules: So you told him about us?
Shawn: Are you kidding? It would be like posting it on my Facebook page. If I had a Facebook page. I don´t have a Facebook Page, or the desire to share intimate life details with people I´d avoid in the streets

Shawn: Would you have some respect for yourself?

Shawn: I just saw a guy get killed.
Ken: Where?
Shawn: In the murder house
Ken: You know that´s supposed to happen?

Shawn: It´s time we get the team back together. This is the kind of case that´ll help us hire back our best agent assistant ever. Three ninjas, megamountain, reunited. It feels so good.
Ken: I like that song. But the keys are only to get used for business.
Shawn: Murder is our business

Shawn: Are you in?
Ken: I´m out
Gus: So am I
Shawn: I didn´t ask you

Gus: I can´t believe it. We are at carnival fest

Shawn: I´ve seen it a million times
Gus: Where? On Winnie the Pooh?
Shawn: And other places

Eve: WHen they told me two kids have done this I didn´t expect THIS
Shawn: Why? because he´s black?
Gus: What are you doing?
Shawn: Sh. I´m playing the race card

Carlton Lassiter: Kids should be scared by the law, not adults in costumes

Shawn: We have a bona fide Scooby Doo case that´s fallen into our lap: Dead guy, haunted house, amusement park. Gus, say Zoinks.
Gus: I´m not gonna say zoinks
Shawn: Say Jinkies
Gus: Jinkies

Shawn: Please sir, tell all this doubters and Scooby Don´ts who killed this man

Gus: You may think of starting some antipsychotic medication. I can recommend some generic drugs. Just cause you are delusional you don´t need to overpay.

Gus: Maybe you want to consider an in house program. Have you seen Girl Interrupted?
Shawn: Gus, please. Have you seen Cuckoo´s Nest? or Crazy People?
Gus: Boat Trip
Shawn: Boat Trip!

Shawn: Clyde Lugs and Pembrook!Johnny Riketts did kill Weiland
Gus: Did you use a character from Stroker Ace as an interjection?

Carlton Lassiter: I have something I need from you two: Your absensce
Gus: Wow
Shawn: I know
Gus: How long do you think he´s been waiting to use that one?
Shawn: Weeks, maybe months

Ken: Do you mind guy if I go back to work
Shawn: We´d love you to go back to work
Gus: As long as we are not the ones employing you

Carlton: Scooby Doo… Is that why he´s calling me Velma?
Jules: Probably

Shawn: Jamie Emerson… what is Wonder Woman´s name?

Gus: You´ve been after her for five years
Eve: Five years?
Gus: Oh, he´s not that smooth

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