psych-spoilers-quotes-wed-like-to-thank-the-academy-shawn-gusAnother night of Psych on TV is what everybody should get in order to have a good time. And if that is the episode that follow the one where Ralph Macchio guest stars, well, there´s not much better than that.

When they do not follow police procedure, Shawn and Gus are forced to attend the Police Academy.

Best Quotes of Psych S05E13 – We´d Like to Thank the Academy

Shawn: Lassie, we totally got the bad guys here

Gus: That doesn´t seem like props
Shawn: She´s just roasting us

Shawn: What we like to do is come up with a solution and make it happen
Gus: Not always in that order

Nick: You don´t have to finish every sentence with the word sir
Shawn: But it feels fun and silly, sir

Gus: Says the guy who broke down this morning to a commercial
Shawn: There were puppies, and a Sarah MacLachlan song. I´m not a robot

Gus: How does this improve the situation?
Shawn: What is disentery?

Nick: I can´t believe you get out of bed every morning without getting hurt
Shawn: Oh well, we do

Gus: So, when on patrol tonight. Can we pull over people and stuff?

Shawn: Don´t just stand there and wax on about it

Shawn: Lassie doesn´t need to hear about this
Lassiter: Too late, idiots

Shawn: Dude, this is so Top Gun, I´m Cruise, she´s McGillis you´re Sundown
Gus: Why can´t I be the Goose
Shawn: You know why
Gus: Stop hipothetically typecast me, Shawn
Shawn: What? That also means you are in Die Hard, and all those episodes of Walker Texas Ranger
Gus: I wanna be the Black Goose

Gus: I think you might be in trouble with the teacher
Shawn: I sure hope so

Juliet: Back up is on the way. Don´t do what you normally do

Shawn: You rock my world

Shawn: It´s like taking candy from an enormous baby

Shawn: I´m Officer Shawn Spencer, this is my partner Mission Face

Shawn: We won´t let you down chief
Chief: Yes, you will

Shawn: Do you realize this is the end of True Romance?
Gus: That was a massacre! Everybody dies
Shawn: That´s not true. Christian Slater and Patty Arquette made it out
Dickie: And Michael Rapaport
Shawn: That´s a good point Dickie. I forgot about it

Gus Nickname on Psych S05E13 – We´d Like to Thank the Academy

Mission Face

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