Psych-Season-6-finale-spoiler-henry-spencer-dead-dies-killed-aliveWow, just wow. If you have watched the season six finale of Psych you are probably left in the dark and biting your nails about this one. What happened to Henry Spencer? Did his ex colleague kill him? Could it be possible that Henry Spencer dies on Psych? After all, he retired, and was leaving his past behind.
Let´s analyze it a little more.
The show is a dramedy, so it has some parts of drama, but I don´t want it to go to the dark place of Henry Spencer dying. After all, they couldn´t even kill off Desperaux or Shawn wouldn´t make it, I can´t imagine what would happen if Henry Spencer dies.
But it can also mean it will force Shawn to deal with it, and after all, How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom managed to take the death of a parent and work it.
On the other hand, such a cliffhanger leaves me with the hopes that Henry Spencer is alive and maybe spends a season in the hospital recovering, Perhaps Jerry shot Henry in the shoulder and it´s not a fatal wound; maybe Shawn gets in time as to rush him to the hospital and save him.

Also, losing Corbin Bernsen would mean the end of the flashbacks, meaning they should also cut Young Shawn and Young Gus. And lose another classic part of the show.

My bet is that Henry Spencer is alive on Psych. What´s yours? Head to the comments and discuss wether Henry Spencer is dead or alive on Psych season seven.

Update: On October 17th Promo Video for the upcoming season of Psych, there´s one second in which you can see Henry is alive and well…  You don´t believe me? Watch ot yourself.

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