A new episode of American Idol was on TV last night… and a new one is on tonight.

It matched up against Obama´s Inaugural Ball, and tonight it matches up against Lost Season 5 Premiere.

But what was juicy enough as to draw attention away from the Obama and Michelle´s dance?

Well, as always, the funny funny auditions and Simon´s remarks.

But there were a lot of special moments on the show.

  • Tatiana´s annoying laugh and overdone drama in her audition.
  • Dean Anthony´s weird jacket and failed entrepreneur story.
  • Jesus Valenzuela encore with his kids winning Paula over.
  • 20 seconds Rubik Cube performance for Dalton… but the voice of an ill mouse. Keep it with the Cube, man.
  • Kara and Simon feud. Hilarious. Classic.
  • Akilah´s audition singing from the rectum. Maybe the biggest WTF of the day.
  • Annie Murdock´s high pitch, and after that Simon saying “It was like you were drunk… and not a couple of drinks drunk…a lot”.
  • Adam Lambert´s theatrical version of Bohemian Rhapsody. He was on the cast of Wicked.
  • Kai Kalama´s heartening story.

So… what was your favourite American Idol Season 8 Episode 3, San Francisco Auditions moment?

I have to say Kara and Simon feuding.