A new episode of American Idol was on TV last night… and a new one is on tonight.

It matched up against  Lost Season 5 Premiere.

But what was juicy enough as to draw attention away from the much anticipated Lost premiere?

Well, as always, the funny funny auditions and Simon´s remarks.

But there were a lot of special moments on the show. It was a specially bizarre and sexually charged episode this one in Louisville, Kentucky.

Best moments of American Idol Season 8 – Episode 4 – Auditions in Louisville Kentucky

  • The clarinet guy telling Kara DioGuardi: “Put there your lips and start blowing“.
  • Tiffany Shed squeaking version of Mariah Carey. Kara telling her to “instead of singing go to college“. Simon telling her: “Imagine 22 horses and a donkey. It wouldn´t stand a chance. That´s you“.
  • Joanna Pacitti second chance after a failed record contract.
  • Ross Plasnic, the supernerd, stealing Paula Abdul´s drink.
  • Mark Mudd´s threat to the judges. Was that an actual threat?
  • Brent Keith Smith golden ticket for his Bad Company´s version.
  • Simon saying: “Paula Calm Down“, “You girls are overreacting“, and Kara saying: “I´m going under the table”.
  • Matt Giraud soul audition and Simon saying “Believe in yourself… you can be great“.
  • Alexis Grace making Paula Abdul go Wow! and Kara telling her: “Go home and make love to your fiance“.
  • Aaron Williamson´s energy over the top.
  • Rebecca Garcia´s “joke audition” and Kara regretfully saying “Paula hit me… I was mean“.
  • Laneshe Young poverty story and background singing an original song. Simon telling her: “This may surprise you… but I love you“.

All in all, 19 more contestants get the golden ticket to go to Hollywood and get a shot at being American Idol.

So… what was your favourite American Idol Season 8 Episode 4 Louisville Kentucky´s Audition moment?