retired-at-35-quotes-spoilersTV Land has a nice set of Sitcoms on Wednesday nights, after Hot in Cleveland with Betty White, a newcomer show Retired at 35, Retired at 35 is an American sitcom on TV Land starring George Segal, Jessica Walter, Johnathan McClain, Josh McDermitt and Ryan Michelle Bathe.
The series follows a successful New Yorker named David (Johnathan McClain), who decides to leave the rat race and his job in the big city and move in with his father (George Segal) and mother (Jessica Walter) who live in a retirement community in Florida to reconnect with them, re-evaluate his life and live the dream of retirement that so many are working toward.
The series, which is TV Land’s second original scripted comedy series, premiered on January 19, 2011 following Hot in Cleveland.  The series is filmed in multi-camera format in front of a live studio audience. The series was created by Chris Case, who also serves as executive producer. Michael Hanel and Mindy Schultheis are executive producers as well.

Tonight, a new episode of Retired at 35 aired called Hit it and Quit it

Best Quotes from Retired at 35 S01E02 – Hit it and Quit it

Alan: Ashtrays are for wives. Stop Wifing me David

David: Are you ready for a relationship?
Alan: Hell no. I´m ready to have some fun. I wanna hit it and stop it
David: I think you mean hit it and quit it

Elaine: Have you been drinking?
David: Dad made me

Brandon: Dude, you are putting the hoe before the bro
David: Dude, that´s my mom

David: Dad what are you doing?
Alan: Going to a little place called none of your business

Alan: The orthopedic socks came out flying

Alan: Your mother agreed to hit it and quit it
Elaine: It´s a lovely concept

Alan: For someone who doesn´t pay rent you sure make a lot of demands

David: Dad, it was the microwave
Alan: Well answer it, your burrito´s ready

Alan: She hit me and quit me boy

Elaine: Have you not had any one night stand?
David: I didn´t come here to talk about that with my mother
Elaine: So that´s a no

Alan: If this condo starts rockin´don´t come a knockin´

David: Hi, I´m David the son of this mess

David: I was worried about you mom after the one night grose you had

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