ringoI went to Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band show last night. I decided to go last minute because I was actually working late and was a bit on the fence on wether to go or not. A few minutes before the show I went, “Oh well” and purchased my ticket. Watching a band like this one proves why music nowadays isn´t nearly as good as music back in the old days. I mean, there´s a piece of history up on stage. Granted he´s probably not who we first think of when talking about The Beatles, but he´s a bloody Beatle; and when the band starts playing Boys Bebopshoobopbebopbopshoobop you are immediately transported to that same video when Ringo sang the Shirelles´song on TV right alongside John, Paul and George. But that´s not all, you listen to Yellow Submarine and realize that it is the ultimate “singwhilesharingabeerwithafriend” song.

And then you get Gregg Rollie, who sat across Carlos Santana, playing piano at Woodstock and listen to Evil Ways, Black Magic Woman or Oye Como Va; and the band has also Steve Lukather, the guitarist from Toto who lights up the stage with songs such as Hold The Line, Africa and Rosanna, or Richard Page bringing Mr Mister´s Broken Wings or Todd Rundgren and something from his days in Utopia; or even a solo in the drums by Gregg Bissonette or Mark Rivera playing the clarinet. I mean, I cam back home wanting more old music, because in the end, what most call old music is actually immortal music and that´s what makes it unique. So now, if I conviced you of what good music is, go to i oldies music, for instance and navigate through the catalogs, and then come back here and tell me if I´m right or wrong. It´s not Old Music, it´s Immortal!