#ripdavidbowie archiveAwful news, after a long battle with cancer, David Bowie passed away. He is now onto new territory where he will meet the maker and have him enjoy his new music. Whatever he creates while on the other side. #ripdavidbowie guitarToday I woke up and found out #RIPDavidBowie was trending. I got immediately bummed. An iconic figure of all Pop Culture, not only music had died. He was Jareth the Goblin King on Labyrtinh, he was the one who pushed every boundary with his art. He was David freaking Bowie! So, after I read #RIPDavidBowie I started thinking that sadness should not be the way he would´ve preferred. So I got to the task of creating a Spotify Playlist to honor David Bowie.

Bowie was 69, but he was larger than life. He was an amazing creator, and he is one of the immortals. David Bowie was one of the most influential figures in all of Pop Culture. He influenced every single singer, songwriter, musician, designer and so on and on and on. He was a delight to watch in an interview, his albums were tremendous pieces of art and his performances were too.

We will remember David Bowie and we will never be without him, as his influence is beyond just his songs. But we still have his songs.

So when I first read #RIPDavidBowie I started to think about this article. How to put into words the meaning of David Bowie. So I decided to make a simple Spotify songlist with an hour of Bowie´s music. Most of those are his songs, then him singing alingside Freddy Mercury in Under Pressure, but also Flight of the Concords doing Bowie, and Nirvana playing The Man Who Sold the World.

It´s a full hour of music you can go back any time you feel you need a Bowie fix.

Ground Control called Major Tom, and now this Space we live in is a little less Odd but filled with his memories.

I think the best way we have to honor David Bowie is by changing the meaning of #RIPDavidBowie from Rest in Peace to “Remember In Pop”. I know we will forever.

#ripdavidbowie labyrinth

Let me know which songs or moments you´d add to this Spotify list to honor David Bowie. Also, you can follow me on Twitter or on Spotify for more songlists.