Like every day, we try to honor the Series and TV birthdays for the day.

Two days ago was Dyan Cannon and others, and yesterday we saluted January Jones.

mr_beanToday, we are saying “Happy Birthday!” to Rowan Atkinson, the Newcastle born, who starred in British television sitcom Mr Bean, a so successful franchise that had its own animated series and a couple of movies. The last one being Mr Bean´s Holidays. Colorful data is that co-star Max Baldry just turned 13 yesterday.

Max Pirkis, Gaius Octavian in HBO Show Rome also celebrates his birthday today, and child star is turning just 10 years old.

Brian Wohl, Irving Renquist in Irving Renquist: Ghost Hunter, a shiftless man in his mid-twenties longs to be a ghost hunter despite the fact that he’s never had an encounter with the supernatural is turning 24 years old and is just starting his career. This year he played a secondary role in David Grelck´s White Out.

Alex Garcia, Executive in charge of production of Fox Television hit show House MD is turning thirty.

Canadian actress Tara Spencer-Nairn, Karen Pelly in Corner Gas is turning 31 years old.

Former Child Star Danny Pintauro, who played Jonathan Bower in classical TV Sitcom Who´s The Boss, alongside Alyssa Milano, Tony Danza and Judith Light is turning 33.