divya-hank-reshma-shetty-mark-feuerstein-interview-royal-painsWe had the great opportunity as to speak with Mark Feuerstein (an actor I follow ever since Conrad Bloom) and Reshma Shetty in an interview about different topics,but there folks at Pazsaz nailed it with the questions.

They asked both of them about on and off set chemistry on Royal Pains, and among Royal Pains cast.

The answers are great and explains very much why is it that there´s so much chemistry between all of them

Remember that Royal Pains comes back every Thursday 9/8 C on USA.

Interview to Reshma Shetty and Mark Feuerstein about Royal Pains

Reshma Shetty on Royal Pains cast chemistry:

Oh, we hate each other.  It’s awful.  We never ever, never ever speak.  Oh, we all are obviously are wonderful friends.  Myself and Jill live in New York, and we actually hang out a lot.  We recently went dancing together.  Paulo is in New York, but he travels a lot to the West Coast, so we don’t get to see him as much in upper Canada, which you know he’s from Canada.  And, Mark is the one that I hardly see, just because he’s always in Los Angeles.  But, we are always Facebook buddies.  We’re a very tight cast.  I think that it comes across on-screen as well.

Mark Feuerstein on his chemistry with Paulo Costanzo in Royal Pains:

I love Paulo, I truly love him.  Our relationship in life is not dissimilar to our relationship on screen.  There is a lot of love there.  He is as impetuous, impulsive, brilliant, spontaneous and creative as the character of Evan, if not more so and we joke around all the time.  If you came into the make-up trailer on any given day while we’re getting ready for the day of work, you would see Paulo imitating 17 different characters from the crew or people who have been visiting our set and you would see me laughing hysterically and then jumping in and joining him.
I can’t say enough about the guy and he’s grown up so much over the course of our shooting the show.  I’ve been around a little longer, so to watch him step into manhood as an actor and as Evan, they kind of go hand-in-hand, really.  It’s such a pleasure for me; I’m almost proud of him as an older brother would be because he’s become such a; he’s such a mensch to everybody on the set.  Everybody loves him.  He’s the class clown who also has true heart and love for everyone around him.

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Remember that Royal Pains comes back every Thursday 9/8 C on USA.

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